Welcome to Carnival Glass Australia.

"A site dedicated to the colourful world of Carnival Glass."

The aim of the site is to make available information about Carnival Glass in general, but with an emphasis on Australian Carnival Glass made by Crown Crystal. As the site develops, pages will come online dedicated to Australian Master Bowls, Nappy Bowls, Vases, Comports, Float Bowls and the other patterns made by Crown Crystal. Later, pages about overseas companies such as Fenton, Northwood, Millersburg, Imperial and Dugan will gradually be developed and then pages on colours, shapes and patterns will be introduced. It is the aim to keep the site developing by adding pages that may be of interest.

Hopefuly these pages will provide information and education about Carnival Glass and also allow anyone that has a piece of Carnival Glass tucked away in the back of a cupboard a chance to identify the pattern and maker of their glass.

Once the main pages are up and running a contact page will be added so that questions and photos can be sent in for identification, and with the owners permission, the picture added to the website. This will take some time to develop but slowly and surely the content of the website will be enlarged to cover many more aspects of Carnival Glass collecting.


Check back here regularly to catch up with the lastest updates and additions to the website.

News of new finds will be mentioned here too, so you know that something of interest has been been found or added to the site.